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Last Updated On
June 15, 2024

Do you know the power of ONE?

Blog Created
June 15, 2024

The Power of One could be the thing that unlocks your new business's marketing.

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We came across a decade old video from Mark Ford and it could prove really valuable to the marketing effort of your new acquisition.

You likely know him as Michael Masterson, the copywriting entrepreneur, author, and consultant.

In this talk Ford talk discusses his fundamental copywriting principle, the Power of One.

The principle has been instrumental in helping Agora Publishing reach annual revenue numbers beyond $1,000,000,000 in this “digital age.”

Rather than ask you to watch the hour long video above (you now have the link), we’ve distilled the talk into 8 points that can be grasped without jumping over to YouTube.

The Power of One: Michael Masterson’s Key Principles

  1. Focus on a Single Good Idea
    • Masterson’s Insight: “When you write about just one thing, it’s difficult. You have to come up with a good idea.”
    • Action: Center your copy around one strong, compelling idea. Ensure this idea is clear and easily understood by your audience to maintain their attention and interest.
  2. Finding Your One Idea
    • Masterson’s Insight: “I noticed that the top ten [essays] all were essays where I focused on a single idea. The top ten had headlines like ‘The one marketing secret you should never forget.’”
    • Action: Identify a single, powerful idea by asking these key questions:
      • What is the core message I want to convey?
      • What is the most important benefit or insight my audience needs?
      • Is this idea compelling enough to grab and hold attention?
      • Can this idea be summarized in one clear, concise sentence?
      • Consider the audience's needs and desires, and focus on an idea that directly addresses them.
  3. Simplify and Clarify Your Message
    • Masterson’s Insight: “If you’re going to stop somebody and say, ‘I’ve got something to tell you, it’s very important, sit down,’ and then you have nothing important to tell them, that’s very awkward.”
    • Action: Keep your copy straightforward and focused. Avoid unnecessary complexity and distractions, ensuring your message is easily grasped and retained.
  4. Create a Rule for Consistency
    • Masterson’s Insight: “I made it a rule for myself... to make sure that I write my essays on just one topic.”
    • Action: Implement a rule to always center your copy around one main idea. This helps maintain consistency and effectiveness in your writing.
  5. Evaluate and Refine Your Copy
    • Masterson’s Insight: “I went back and I had them all organized from top to bottom and then I re-read all the essays... I realized that the top ten all were essays where I focused on a single idea.”
    • Action: Regularly review your copy to ensure it adheres to the Power of One principle. Refine and improve your writing based on feedback and performance metrics.
  6. Apply Across Different Mediums
    • Masterson’s Insight: “We started making it a rule at Early to Rise that you would... follow the rule of one.”
    • Action: Use the Power of One principle across various formats, such as essays, promotions, and marketing materials. Ensure consistency in your messaging across different platforms.
  7. Learn from Successful Examples
    • Masterson’s Insight: “I started looking at promotions... The secret of making people like you, it was one secret.”
    • Action: Study successful books, promotions, and campaigns that effectively use the Power of One. Apply the lessons learned to your own copywriting.
  8. Measure and Adjust
    • Masterson’s Insight: “We got a much bigger response and it wasn’t because it was me. It was because I had figured out how to write better.”
    • Action: Track the performance of your copy to see how well it resonates with your audience. Use metrics and feedback to adjust your approach and continually improve your copy.

By embracing and implementing the Power of One, you may end up transforming the marketing in your new acquisition from ordinary to elite.

The singular focus may seem full of constraint but Masterson wagers it will enhance your clarity and impact, revenue, and ultimately the action taken from from the person you are trying to reach.

Shoot us an email and let us know how it works out for you or what you think about the power of ONE.

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