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Building a business is hard. Selling a business is harder.

Exit Your Business in 6-12 months at Top Dollar!

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Why our system works:

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We build a market of buyers for business acquisition.
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We deliver a "true to worth" valuation of your business.
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We prepare every aspect of your business for a successful exit.
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We present your information to buyers in an easy and seamless manner
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We leverage the power of broker positioning, technology, and marketing.

Are you ready to exit your business in 6-12 months for top dollar?

Everything that is included (Free of charge):

Complete “Ready to Sell” Business Assessment

We provide business owners with a comprehensive evaluation of their company's market readiness and value, identifying key areas to enhance before going to market.

Valuation + "Lendability" Score

Receiving a valuation and "lendability" score gives business owners a precise measure of their company's worth and its attractiveness to lenders, aiding in a strategic sale process.

Ideal Buyer Profiling
For Your Business

Profiling verified buyers helps business owners identify and target the most suitable and motivated purchasers, ensuring a smoother sale process and potentially higher offers.

Are you ready to exit your business in 6-12 months for top dollar?

What our clients say

See how our clients have achieved seamless transitions through their business acquisition journey.

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“Can’t say enough...”

I honestly can’t say enough about Samson and the team at Clearly Acquired. As everyone who runs a business knows there are times when growth is essential, but not necessarily congruent with increased cashflow.  I run the top Private Training Facility in Colorado and when we were ready for another expansion, we turned to Clearly Acquired to help us secure the financing we needed to expand the facility and buy the new equipment. The team was professional and the process was quick. They were able to work their magic, getting us approved and funded in 2 weeks! I write this review as a sincere thank you to the team for allowing our company to continue to thrive.

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Kerianne Los
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“I would highly recommend...”

Clearly acquired / Samsons leadership was a great asset for my company when we decided it was the right time to sell. My company mountain west disposal started in 2019 and quickly grew into one of the premier waste and recycling companies in northern Colorado. Having multiple one on ones with Samson and his team to make sure our company’s growth was geared towards market share increase leading towards a clean sale. Samson and his team worked hand in hand with me until the finish. Networking is one of the biggest struggles I have seen other companies have troubles with. Teaming up with Samson and clearly acquired helped me connect the dots with other industries. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to buy to sell their company having Samson and his team be involved in the process.

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Andrew Meredith
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“Unbelievable service...”

So thankful for these guys! My husband and I are currently building a new CycleBar Franchise and SBA continued to let us down with service and funding. Once we reached out to Clearly Acquired they gave us unbelievable service (like over the top service) and the speed of the loan process was ridiculous. It was almost too good to be true. But it was real! And they saved our butts. We will 100% be using them in the future.

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Sydnie Whitmer

Business owners that have the best experience are:

Pulling in $500K-30M in revenue

Have more than 4 employees

Can source 3 years of P&L's and can provide a Balance Sheet

Can trust a proven team and system to handle the work

Are you ready to exit your business in 6-12 months for top dollar?

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