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What are you looking to achieve with Clearly Acquired? 

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Revolutionize the Business Acquisition Process

Typically Buying a business is a long drawn out process, due to lack of sourcing tools, weak financial & business information, and slow financing solutions for buyers , weak platforms, marketplace, and tools for advisors - not anymore!

Power to the People

Clearly Acquired offers an extensive marketplace equipped with tailored tools, expert guidance, and comprehensive analytics for successful business buying or selling endeavors.

Custom Dashboard

The custom dashboard offers real-time analytics, personalized vendor insights, and streamlined procurement processes for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making.

Unique User Profile

The customized user profile enables users to create detailed and customizable profiles, fostering meaningful connections by showcasing expertise, interests, and professional achievements.

Curated Business Listings

Clearly Acquired showcases a comprehensive array of business listings, providing detailed information on diverse industries, services, and locations to facilitate informed partnerships and collaborations.

Create Your Listing

Effortlessly create a compelling business listing on our platform, maximizing your exposure to potential buyers and streamlining the selling process.

In-Platform Messaging

With real-time messaging capabilities, you can engage in direct conversations, share insights, and negotiate terms effortlessly.


Get connected with various people on the platform: business owners, business buyers brokers, consultants, and advisors, and view their profile.


Discover the latest developments in the world of business acquisitions with our news tab, offering comprehensive coverage of industry trends and notable transactions.

Get Verified with Plaid

Getting verified on your user profile page is crucial on our business acquisition platform as it enhances trust and credibility within the community.

...And More

This platform can be used in a wide variety of ways and there are new features we are launching regularly! Check back to see what's new and for what we have in store for 2024!

Built for Every Type Of User

What are you looking to acheive with Clearly Acquired?
We are here to help:

The Business Buyer

By utilizing Clearly Acquired, buyers can efficiently explore businesses tailored to their expertise, interests, and growth aspirations. The transparency offered through comprehensive business listings, financial evaluations, and market trends allows buyers to make informed decisions and identify lucrative investment opportunities.

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Create custom searches to find the businesses you desire and save for future use
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Get Verified, Pre-Approved for financing, find investors & connected with market makers.
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Contact  business brokers with ease and engage the Clearly Acquired Team for Advice & Support.

Looking to find out more about buying a business on Clearly Acquired? See how user friendly we've made it:

The Business Broker

The platform's comprehensive analytics and market insights equip brokers with invaluable data, enabling them to price their businesses competitively and accurately. Additionally, the platform's access to a network of qualified buyers and expert advisors facilitates a smoother selling process, offering guidance, negotiation support, and ensuring a seamless transition for both parties involved.

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List your business with ease, and highlight important callouts to entice buyers.
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Keep it confidential: your business name and exact location will be protected and kept private.
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Easily keep in touch with verified buyers that are interested in you listing - on platform.
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Networking & Searching

The robust search tool on this business buying and selling platform acts as a navigational compass in the vast sea of opportunities. Offering advanced filters and intuitive functionalities, it empowers users to narrow down their search with precision, allowing them to pinpoint businesses that align perfectly with their criteria. With the ability to filter by industry, location, revenue, or specific keywords, this tool streamlines the exploration process, presenting a curated selection of listings tailored to the user's preferences. Its real-time updates and comprehensive database ensure that users access the latest opportunities, providing a dynamic and responsive experience that accelerates their quest for the ideal business acquisition or sale.

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Search for users based on their name, location, and profile criteria
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Send invitations to other users to connect, collaborate, and team up on business acquisitions 
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Get Verified, and connect with other users looking to buy, sell, invest or advise

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