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The Clearly Acquired Mission

We are the people on a mission to simplify business acquisition for Small Medium Enterprise and Lower Middle Market Companies with technology, data, useful integrations, and a marketplace that streamlines the business buying process. In turn creating a better experience for buyers, M&A Advisors & sellers.
Our Values:


Character Driven Capitalism:

Merges the ideals of strong moral principles ("Character and Integrity") with the belief in capitalism and entrepreneurship as a gift and a driver of prosperity. It highlights the importance of honesty and honorability in the context of a market-driven economy.


Longevity, Legacy, Learning:

Combines the value of intelligence and adaptability ("Intelligence and Learning") with the anticipation of a prosperous future and the greatest wealth transfer in history. It emphasizes continuous learning and smart decision-making as key to creating and sustaining a long-term legacy.


Efficient Entrepreneurship:

Reflects the mission of improving the efficiency of business transactions ("Fix the fragmented, slow, and inefficient buying and selling of businesses") and the spirit of entrepreneurship. It embodies the drive to innovate and excel in a fast-paced, competitive environment.


Adapt and Advance

Captures both the resilience and tenacity required to navigate challenges ("Resilience and Tenacity") and the forward-looking, prosperous vision for the next 20 years. It signifies the ability to adapt and thrive in changing market conditions, leading to advancement and growth.


Reliable Relationships:

Blends the reliability and preparation aspect with the focus on community and customer-centered vision. It underscores the importance of trust, dependability, and building strong relationships in the marketplace.

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