Jeremy Gerk

Principal & Chief Technology Officer
United States

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Jeremy Gerk is an experienced technology leader with over 15 years successfully designing, architecting, and leading the development of various software applications. He currently oversees an engineering team and interfaces directly with leadership to provide direction.

Jeremy has a strong record of managing and motivating engineering teams, optimizing development workflows, migrating critical systems, and implementing efficient technical infrastructure. He has led companies through successful security audits and implemented automated testing and deployment pipelines.His technical skills cover a wide range including cloud platforms, containerization, infrastructure as code, back-end languages, databases, message queues, and API integrations. Jeremy has expertise architecting scalable solutions and leading companies through technical transformations.

In addition to his technical skills, Jeremy possesses strong leadership abilities including motivating teams, managing tasks and projects, and communicating effectively across the organization. He takes a calm and confident approach to handling stressful situations.

Jeremy’s combination of technical aptitude, people skills, and drive to continuously improve processes make him an asset to the leadership team.