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Business Acquisition - Made Easy

See how Clearly Acquired is set up to support your business acquisition needs. As a broker you can leverage a variety of tools to efficiently and effectively navigate the business acquisition landscape:

Business Listings

Utilizing our robust business listings search tool on Clearly Acquired can streamline the acquisition process by offering a comprehensive database of potential targets. This tool allows prospective buyers to efficiently filter businesses based on specific criteria such as industry, location, and financial performance, enabling them to identify suitable opportunities. With detailed and up-to-date information at their fingertips, users can make informed decisions, accelerating the business acquisition journey.


Our dashboard on Clearly Acquired serves as a centralized hub for users, providing a concise overview of key metrics and insights essential for effective decision-making during the acquisition process. It consolidates your current activity notifications, recent and saved searches for business listings, and recommended listings, keeping you up-to-date with the Clearly Acquired Platform. This streamlined presentation empowers users to assess opportunities swiftly, track progress, and make informed strategic decisions, enhancing the efficiency and success of their business acquisition endeavors.

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Custom User Profile

Your custom profile on Clearly Acquired serves as a tailored representation of a user's preferences, criteria, and strategic objectives in seeking potential businesses for acquisition. By creating a personalized profile, users can set specific parameters such as industry focus, financial thresholds, and geographic preferences, allowing the platform to curate and present targeted opportunities that align with their unique requirements. This customization streamlines the search process, saving time and ensuring that users are presented with business prospects that closely match their acquisition goals.


The messaging tool on Clearly Acquired serves as a vital communication hub, allowing users like business brokers, investors, and entrepreneurs to seamlessly connect and negotiate potential deals. This feature facilitates efficient and secure communication, enabling users to discuss terms, chat about business listings, and address inquiries directly within the platform. By centralizing these conversations, the messaging tool enhances collaboration, streamlines negotiations, and fosters a transparent and organized communication channel throughout the business acquisition process.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to elevate your entrepreneurial aspirations? Welcome to Clearly Acquired, the ultimate destination for acquiring the perfect business that aligns with your vision and goals. Our business acquisition platform empowers you to explore, evaluate, and seize lucrative opportunities with confidence.

Why Choose Clearly Acquired?

Diverse Portfolio of Businesses:

Explore a comprehensive range of businesses across industries, ensuring there's a perfect match for every entrepreneur. From innovative startups to established enterprises, our platform curates a diverse selection to meet your specific requirements.

Advanced Search and Filtering:

Save time and energy with our intuitive search and filtering tools. Narrow down your options based on industry, revenue, location, and more, ensuring you find the right business that fits seamlessly into your strategic plans.

Verified Listings:

Trust is paramount in the world of business acquisitions. Our platform meticulously verifies each listing, providing you with accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions. Transparency is our commitment to you.

Expert Guidance:

Our team of seasoned business acquisition experts is here to guide you at every step. From initial exploration to closing the deal, benefit from their insights and industry knowledge to make the best decisions for your future success.

Secure and Confidential Transactions:

Confidentiality is paramount in the business acquisition process. Rest assured that your information and negotiations are handled with the utmost discretion and security, ensuring a smooth and confidential transaction.

How Clearly Acquired Works:


Create an account

Embark on your path to successful business transactions by easily creating your account on our comprehensive acquisition and selling platform, where opportunities to buy and sell businesses await at your fingertips.


Fill out your profile

Craft your tailored user profile on our dynamic business acquisition and selling platform, showcasing your expertise, objectives, and offerings to seamlessly connect with potential buyers or sellers, amplifying your deal-making potential.


Explore Listings

Dive into our extensive database of businesses for sale. Utilize our powerful search tools to find businesses that match your criteria. Detailed information, financials, and growth prospects are at your fingertips.


Connect with Sellers

Initiate conversations with business owners and sellers directly through our secure messaging system. Ask questions, discuss terms, and negotiate with confidence, knowing that you're engaging with serious and motivated sellers.


Due Diligence Assistance

Navigate the due diligence process seamlessly with our resources and guidance. Our platform provides checklists, templates, and expert advice to ensure you thoroughly evaluate your chosen business.


Close the Deal

When you've found the perfect business, our platform facilitates a smooth closing process. Benefit from our secure payment and documentation systems to finalize the acquisition and embark on your new entrepreneurial journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by users that are looking to buy businesses on Clearly Acquired:

How can I show business owners I'm a legitimate buyer and that I'm interested?

With a Clearly Verified account, you can instill confidence in other users, brokers and sellers that you are, who you say you are, when you "verify" your identify.  This is the key to instilling confidence in the users on the platform,  gaining traction and getting instant access to financials, supporting data and insight to quickly move to making an offer or moving on.   This will save you moths of wasted time and expedite the closing of a sale.

How are my finances verified?

Using financial technology the Clearly Acquired Platform safely and securely verifies your finances, to help sellers understand your closing capability and help lenders expedite your financing. Additionally, the buy-side deal room will help you get your documentation in order, to prepare you for the debt and equity financing you will need to close your acquisition.

Can I get in touch with advisors to help support me in this process?

The Clearly Acquired team is here to support you on your business acquisition or business sale journey. That said, the platform is designed to connect you with a community of users, who are identify verified, which include: investors, lenders, advisors, brokers, consultants, and other buyers who are looking for partners.  

Power to the People

Clearly Acquired offers an extensive marketplace equipped with tailored tools, expert guidance, and comprehensive analytics for successful business buying or selling endeavors.

Custom Dashboard

The custom dashboard offers real-time analytics, personalized vendor insights, and streamlined procurement processes for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making.

Curated Business Listings

Clearly Acquired showcases a comprehensive array of business listings, providing detailed information on diverse industries, services, and locations to facilitate informed partnerships and collaborations.

Unique User Profile

The customized user profile enables users to create detailed and customizable profiles, fostering meaningful connections by showcasing expertise, interests, and professional achievements.

Social Feed

A social feed that is composed of various business listings, news resources, and user posts specific to your wants and needs.


Get connected with various people on the platform: business owners, business buyers brokers, consultants, and advisors, and view their profile.

Business News

This platform aggregates crucial business news from diverse sources, consolidating them into a single hub for streamlined access to up-to-date and comprehensive industry insights.


The platform curates a network of elite advisors, offering expertise and guidance for seamless transactions in buying or selling businesses, ensuring tailored and strategic counsel for successful deals.

User Notification Settings

This platform empowers users with personalized notification settings, allowing them to tailor and prioritize alerts according to their preferences, ensuring timely and relevant updates.

...And More

This platform can be used in a wide variety of ways and there are new features we are launching regularly! Check back to see what's new and for what we have in store for 2024!