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How to Sell Your Business

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The first step to exiting your business is to become a part of a marketplace of like-minded people. People who are focused on one thing: Buying and selling businesses.

2. Get Verified & Qualified

As the saying goes, trust but verify. It order to make sure our platform provides the best available opportunities for buyers and sellers, we verify and qualify everyone.

3. Connect with a top tier M&A advisor

You're Luke Skywalker. We have a team full of Yoda's ready and able to guide you through each step of the exit process.

4. List your business

A great business in front of the eyes of 100's of qualified and verified buyers who are ready, it's can't get any better than that.

5. Get Acquired

The T's are crossed and the I's are dotted. It's now time for you to enjoy the rewards of your labor and venture into the next chapter of your life.

Clearly Acquired has got your back

Our name and everything we're building for sellers and buyer hinges on our 3 commitments:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity

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