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We are on a mission to build the best tech enabled business brokerage team. And bring clarity to the fragmented, slow, and inefficient buying and selling of businesses leveraging our software & marketplace; in order to create a better experience for buyers, M&A Advisors, and sellers.

The Next Gen

We are building the next generation of tools to power the next generation of M&A Advisors

  1. Built in Deal Room
    Automated NDAs
    CRM Integration
    Buyer Verification Tech
    Buyer Qualifcation Tech
    Buyside Financing
    In App Messaging
    Mobile Banking & Wallets
    NeoBanking Escrow
    Instant Commissioning

Clearly Acquired has got your back

Business Intermediaries play a crucial role in the successful acquisition of small to medium sized businesses. Preparing a business for the market is labor intensive. Therefore, brokers need tools that support them in preparing the business to be sold, and a marketplace that drives verified & qualified buyers to platform. We are expanding nationally, and would love to meet you.

The Right Fit

Professionals with experience in long sales cycles and building strong pipelines of opportunity will do the best. The typical résumé and track record of successful candidates include:

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High Level Leadership (VP, President, C-Suite, Military)
7 to 10 years working as a professional
Insurance Producers
CRE Real Estate Brokers
Business development professionals
Outside Sales Professionals
Business Consultants
Experience in Long Sale Cycles

The Opportunity

In the next 10 years, 7 trillion dollars of wealth will transfer from baby boomers business to the next generation of business owners. Fifty-Eight percent (58%) of these sellers do not have a transition or succession plan, which means there is a massive wave of businesses that need to be sold or will close. This also means there is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to buy or sell businesses. Build a business is hard. Selling a Business is even harder.

Our Core Values

  • Entrepreneurship is a Gift From God
  • People are the creators of prosperity
  • God Bless Capitalism
  • We are the first buyer, So Give First
  • Have Fun, You are here for a reason
  • Scalable Solutions are permanent Solutions

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