Lauren Meeker

Product Manager & Content Strategist
United States

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Hey there, I'm Lauren Meeker, your friendly Product & Content Manager with an 8-year journey in these exciting fields. I've had the privilege of working with the fantastic founder at Clearly Acquired, with additional experience at Porch Group and, gaining valuable experience in product management and content marketing.

During my time at Porch Group, I increased operational productivity by 6x and successfully managed essential SEO and demand marketing strategies. At, my role as a Director of Content Marketing included recruiting, hiring, and managing a large team of content specialists.

When I'm not immersed in the world of product and content management, you'll often find me jamming to Taylor Swift's music - I’m in my Fearless era. Beyond my professional life, I'm deeply committed to giving back to the community through youth soccer coaching, advisory committee leadership, and mentoring young women interested in STEM fields.

I can't wait to bring my expertise, passion, and love for #1 Google rankings to our new journey together. Let's make great things happen!